OCDE Project GLAD®

OCDE Project GLAD® is a model of professional development dedicated to building academic language and literacy for all students, especially second language learners.

The Project GLAD® training model combines research and theory with classroom demonstrations and guided teacher practice and planning time. We work collaboratively with schools and districts to support the depth and sustainability of the model.

History of Project GLAD®

Project GLAD® started in Fountain Valley, CA more than 35 years ago with a group of educators who were tasked to support a classroom of students who were newcomers — refugees whose primary language wasn’t English.  With minimal resources, collaborations with researchers skilled in second language acquisition, the brain, primary language, reading and writing were sought. Almost 10 years later, Project GLAD® developed into a version of what we know today.

Acknowledged by both the federal and state of CA department of education, the model received funding to be launched nationally, coming to Orange County Department of Education (OCDE) and the National Training Center (NTC) being born.  Today, we remain responsive to meeting the needs of educators and students. Committed to high quality implementation and sustainability, the NTC continues to work in collaboration with educational agencies to ensure students remain the first priority.

A Powerful Partnership

We are proud to share a partnership with the National Training Center as a Project GLAD® Regional Training Center.  Together, we have a commitment to serve language learners in their academic, linguistic, social, and civic lives. Together, we engage in culturally and linguistically responsive practices that build multiliteracy and multiculturalism.

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