The National Dual Language Education Teacher Preparation Standards

by Michael D. Guerrero and Joan R. Lachance

The NDLETPS are intended to provide guidance for the preparation of dual language education teachers and other related school personnel, while allowing for the flexibility to address myriad local contextual realities and language groups, inclusive of and also beyond Spanish-English programs.

The NDLETPS draws from a variety of sources in presenting six Standards: Bilingualism and Bilteracy; Sociocultural Competence; Dual Language Instructional Practices and Pedagogy; Authentic Assessment in Dual Language; Professionalism, Advocacy, and Agency; and Program Design and Curricular Leadership.

Download a copy of the DLETPS here.

DLI Logic Model 

Together with colleagues at Abt Associates and Dr. Elizabeth Howard (UCONN), DLeNM would like to invite you to provide feedback on the recently developed Dual Language Logic Model (this is what we called it originally on our website. Has it changed?), which originated from a study we are conducting with support from Arnold Ventures. The study team used the Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education (3rd edition) as a framework for the development process. You can learn more about the logic model through this short video presentation.

Juntos con colegas de Abt Associates y la Dra. Elizabeth Howard (UCONN)), DLeNM le invita a proporcionar comentario sobre el Modelo lógico del programa de inmersión dual. Este modelo lógico se originó a partir de un estudio realizado con Abt Associates y el apoyo de Arnold Ventures. El equipo de estudio utilizó los Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education (3era edición) como marco de referencia durante el proceso de desarrollo. Puede aprender más acerca del modelo lógico en DLI por medio de esta breve presentación.

Spring 2021 Soleado is here!

Soleado: Promising Practices from the Field—Welcome to a new year and new possibilities! In this issue you will find great advice from veteran dual language educators on ways to advocate for your students … and yourself! También, ideas, estrategias y consejos para hacer conexiones con las familias de sus estudiantes por medio de canciones, rimas y cuentos del folklor latinoamericano para mejor desarrollar la lectoescritura. You will also learn how to recruit family support for your online instruction of preschoolers and learn the story of one of La Cosecha’s favorite student musical acts: Mariachi San José. Check it out!!