The National Committee for Effective Literacy

NCEL was formed to uplift research, policies, and practices to ensure that English learner and emergent bilingual students leave school as proficient readers and writers in English, and preferably more languages, and who thrive and succeed in school a nd their communities.

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Welcoming Bilingual Learners with Disabilities into

Dual Language Programs

“This white paper reviews evidence concerning the capacity of young learners with disabilities to acquire more than one language during the preschool and school years and the characteristics of dual language programs and classroom instruction and intervention practices that support their language development, learning, and well-being in school.

This is published by the Center for Applied Linguistics and the National Dual Language Forum. Authors of this white paper are Dr. Fred Genessee (McGill University, Montreal), John Hilliard (Paridad Education Consulting), and Bilingual Special Education Experts Cristian Sánchez-López and Theresa Young.

This white paper is a collaboration of the National Dual Language Forum (NDLF).”

Dual Language Education of New Mexico has a new Executive Director!

After 25 years, DLeNM’s founding Executive Director, David Rogers, has chosen to move into a support position within the organization to make room for the next generation of transformative leadership. With that goal in mind, the Board of Directors is proud to announce that Michael A. Rodríguez will take over as DLeNM’s Executive Director on July 1, 2022!

Michael began his collaboration with DLeNM in 2003 as the Assistant Principal of Agua Fria Elementary School in Santa Fe, and again in 2009 as Director of Cien Aguas International School in Albuquerque. In the spring of 2016, he officially joined DLeNM’s leadership as Director of Operations, a position he has held until now. As a 25-year educator and native New Mexican, Michael knows first-hand the importance of honoring students’ cultures and languages and has developed his passion and expertise for dual language education through his experiences as a parent, teacher, administrator, and program development specialist. Michael is exceptionally well prepared to lead DLeNM in realizing its mission to develop, support, and advocate for high- quality dual language education in New Mexico and beyond.

Winter 2022 Soleado is here!

Soleado: Promising Practices from the Field! Featured in this issue: An article celebrating the upcoming 5oth anniversary of New Mexico’s Bilingual Multicultural Education Act and a chance to focus bilingual multicultural education as a cultural and linguistic right; lecciones en canciones—como una maestra utiliza la música como parte fundamental de su ideología de lenguaje dual en una escuela de primaria; DLeNM’s Professional Coordinators weigh in on translanguaging in dual language programs; Gadsden Independent School District in southern New Mexico describes how they have used the CLAVES™ and VISITAS™ frameworks to maximize their multilingual students’ success; and the National Committee for Effective Literacy came together to ensure that literacy instruction recognizes, honors, and leverages dual language brains and builds on the research and knowledge base about what constitutes effective literacy for English learners. Click here to access the winter issue of Soleado.

The National Dual Language Education Teacher Preparation Standards

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