Dual Language Education of New Mexico Presents:

DLeNM’s MITOTE Podcast: Multilingual Instructional Talks on Transforming Education
Purpose: To capture and share essential information and promising practices and resources with our dual language leadership and communities.

Guest: Dr. Naomi Shin – Professor, University of New Mexico – Co-Director: Lobo Language Acquisition Lab

Episode 2: Linguistic Bias Leads to Misconceptions about the People We Meet
“. . the way we talk is not a socially neutral activity—prejudicial attitudes towards different social groups are often reflected in our perceptions about the languages people use and the ways that they use them. As such, linguistic bias can take many different forms in different situations” (Forrest, 2022). Dr. Shin discusses what UNM’s Lobo Language Acquisition Lab is doing to feed the narrative and to help change linguistic bias.

Further Information:
Lobo Language Acquisition Lab website:
Trainings for teachers (interactive training, online linguistic bias training, available at the LLAL outreach website:
DLeNM’s Soleado Articles (related) – available at: (Resources-Soleado)
Fall 2022 – Rethinking Difference: How Bilingualism Research Helps Us Combat Linguistic Bias – Aster Forrest—Lab Manager, Lobo Language Acquisition Lab; MA student, University of New Mexico
Summer 2023 – Broadening Bilingualism: The Case for Deaf Dual Language Education – Devin Tankersley, Researcher, Lobo Language Acquisition Lab; PhD student, University of New Mexico

Questions about UNM’s Lobo Language Acquisition Lab and their work in helping to change linguistic bias can be directed to Dr. Naomi Shin at:

Mitote (mə̇ˈtōtē)
Aztec – an ancient and modern secular round dance; Nahuatl – gathering; Spanish – disturbance, informal = charla/chat

The National Committee for Effective Literacy

NCEL was formed to uplift research, policies, and practices to ensure that English learner and emergent bilingual students leave school as proficient readers and writers in English, and preferably more languages, and who thrive and succeed in school and their communities.

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Soleado: Promising Practices from the Field! Featured in this issue: Broadening Bilingualism: The Case for Deaf Dual Language Education, Engaging Teenagers in Projects about Critical Conflicts of their Time and Community, Rethinking ELD Through an International Lens, and How CLAVES® Changed my Teaching. Plus, a preview of La Cosecha 2023! Click here to access the summer issue of Soleado.

The National Dual Language Education Teacher Preparation Standards

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