Designated Professional Educator Workforce

We appreciate the Southwest Regional Education Collaborative for its partnership and supporting the DLeNM mission and strategic plan.

Michael Rodríguez

Excecutive Director

Lisa Meyer

Director of Instructional Equity

José "Azul" Cortés

Director of Heritage Languages

Leslie Sánchez

Director of Business and Development

David Rogers

La Cosecha Conference Organizer

Ruth Kriteman

Lead Editor

Diana Pinkston-Stewart

Professional Development Coordinator

Evelyn Chávez

Project Coordinator for CLAVES™ and AIM4S3™

Kathleen Salgado

Project Coordinator for OCDE Project GLAD®

Tamaya Toulouse

Program Finance Manager

Patrick Werito

Coordinator of Tribal Initiatives

Natalie Olague

Project Coordinator

Emilio Barraza

Informational Technology Coordinator

Yanira Gurrola Valenzuela

Professional Development Coordinator