Literacy Squared®

In its entirety, Literacy Squared® is a comprehensive biliteracy program that has been designed to accelerate the development of biliteracy in Spanish-English speaking children attending schools in the U.S. 

The Literacy Squared model is both research-based and research-tested.

Its conceptual framework draws on research positing that a dire need exists for a new theory about literacy instruction for bilingual children (Bernhardt, 2003; Grant & Wong, 2003), and that second language literacy acquisition is greatly enhanced if learners are literate in their first language (August & Shanahan, 2006).

The framework is based on three research-based concepts suggesting that the improvement of schooling for emerging bilingual children can be accomplished via programs that develop biliteracy through conducting literacy instruction in Spanish as well as English, attending to the quality of instruction, and planning instruction to include direct and explicit attention to cross-language connections. This means that the language of instruction for literacy includes both Spanish and English, and that instruction in these two languages is planned in purposeful and intentional ways to create trajectories toward biliteracy. The Literacy Squared model includes authentic instructional approaches in Spanish and English that respect and focus on the internal structures of each of the languages, emphasizing direct, explicit, and collaborative instructional approaches that have proven to be beneficial for emerging bilingual children. Instruction is planned to include direct and explicit attention to cross-language connections, which enables children to learn how to use both of their languages in strategic ways to enhance their biliteracy development.

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