Upcoming Level 1 Trainings

AIM4S3™ Level 1: In-Person and Virtual Training

Are you looking for ways to increase your confidence to provide high-quality math instruction for your students? Register now for this Winter and Spring Level 1 Training! AIM4S³™ is a framework that shelters mathematics content to make it comprehensible and accessible to all students, with a specific focus on language learners (ELLs/ SLLs) and students who struggle with math.

In-Person Level 1 Elementary & Secondary Training
Albuquerque, NM

Days #1-2: January 24-25, 202
Days #3-4: February 21-22, 2024
Days #5-6: March 6-7, 2024

Registration Fee – $1100 includes materials and access to AIM4S3™ online resources
To register, click here.

Please contact Lisa Meyer or Evelyn Chávez with any questions or for quotes, at 505-463-2139 or aim4s3@dlenm.org.