Dual Language Program Design Support

Consultation with program implementation experts is designed to maintain a critical eye on the alignment of dual language goals and non-negotiables with the systems being developed and decisions being made at the district and school levels. DLeNM offers various options for planning sessions and facilitation of sub-committee or district dual language planning committee meetings.

Consultation with Program Leaders
DLeNM will provide district-specific consultation services to the two designated program leaders. Support is designed to:
guide the development of a dual language planning-year timeline
answer key questions to any issues that may arise
provide program design information and considerations, along with samples and examples from other programs
assist with the planning of sub-committee and DL Leadership Committee meetings

Preparation and Co-Facilitation of Sub-Committee Meetings*
DLeNM will provide support designed to:
Co-facilitate sub-committee meetings with program leaders
help inform and prepare sub-committee members for targeted discussions and gathering of relevant information
guide program leaders and sub-committee members in preparing for decision-making meetings with the larger DL Leadership Committee

Co-Facilitation of DL Leadership Committee Meetings*
DLeNM will provide services designed to:
Co-facilitate DL Leadership Committee Meetings
Assist sub-committee members and program leaders in developing and delivering a clear and concise picture of decisions that need to be made
add expert opinions and information regarding best practices to committee discussions in order to elevate understanding for decision making

*To ensure that ownership of conversations and decisions lies with district personnel, DLeNM works to provide as much facilitation as deemed necessary for the productive engagement in discussions and decision-making conversations. The needed level of support for each session will be determined in collaboration with the designated program leaders.

Scheduling a Retreat

Based on the needs of your community, we can tailor our facilitation to address specific areas of concerns or provide extra information, examples or support.  We strive to ensure that the work you put in today has a lasting effect in the sustainability and success of your program.  Planning retreats are typically scheduled at least three months in advance.  If you would like more information or want to schedule a retreat for your school/district, please contact:

José Azul Cortés

Director of Heritage Languages