Dual Language Essentials for District Leaders

Virtual (online) Overview and/or Planning Session

This facilitated training provides district and school-level leadership which with a deeper understanding of the foundational components of dual language education. It can be customizable from 3-12 hours in length depending on need. In the extended version of this training, the identified dual language planning committee who is responsible for the launch of the program will explore, develop questions, and plan for critical systems leading to a sustainable (district) dual language program. Conversations will be processed through the lens of the Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education, 2018.*

Topics can focus on primary and/or secondary program needs, focused on:

  • A Board/district-level dual language overview training, to ensure a common understanding of program features/options and relevant research.
  • Analysis of current systems and structures in place at the site/district levels that will serve to launch the dual language program.
  • Reflection on realities, drivers, and barriers of program implementation
    Considerations for program promotion and marketing
  • Determining areas of consistency among all programs as well as areas of flexibility based on individual school community needs.
  • Action planning with district departments in mind, to determine the next steps and supports needed during the planning year.

José "Azul" Cortés, Director of Heritage Languages

Director of Heritage Languages