Dual Language Education of New Mexico

La educac on que merecen todos los ni os

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Programmatic Resources

This area contains information and resources to support your dual language program development, best practice implementation, and on-going assessment.


folder icon 4 Dual Language Overview (101) Presentations

These presentations are generic overview presentations designed to educate business, political, and school communities as to what dual language enrichment education is, what it isn’t, and what is needed to implement with fidelity. Presentations include “The Basics” (definition, goals, non-negotiable components, etc.), as well as an overview of distinct program models and options required to implement successfully. Note: there are different presentations depending on the audience. With so many diverse models of bilingual education, it is essential that proponents of the Dual Language model be well versed in what the aims and objectives of Dual Language really are and what the basic components of such a program look like. It is the purpose of this page to provide a basic primer identifying the distinguishing components of a Dual Language program.


folder icon 27 General

Here you'll find resources to support program development and implementation that are appropriate for all levels.

folder icon 15 Secondary

In this folder, you will find programmatic resources that are specific to secondary schools. These will include sample documents from existing secondary dual language programs.