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Virtual and in-person options are available!
(certification training)

DLeNM Project GLAD® Training Opportunities—Now available virtually!!

Project GLAD® Virtual Foundations Certification Training Intermediate/Secondary Level (4th-12th grades (on Zoom):

(*Parts 1 & 2 are required for certification! Total cost for all six days: $1100 – includes the cost of shipping the GLAD Learning Guide to you and unlimited access to DLENM and OCDE Project GLAD® resources.)

Part 1: Virtual Research & Theory Workshop: Participants learn the theoretical and research base of the model and learn about GLAD strategies that provide access to academic content and language development for all students.

Part 2: 4-Day Virtual Classroom Demonstration: Participants observe the delivery of 4 days of GLAD® classroom instruction with students and spend the afternoon sessions debriefing, collaborating, planning, and preparing for immediate implementation in their classrooms/schools.

     Fall-Winter 2022
Part 1: Virtual RTW – September 21-22, 2022
Part 2: Virtual Secondary Classroom Demonstration
Days 1-2: October 19-20, 2022
Days 3-4: November 30 & December 1, 2022
Audience: Educators working with or supporting intermediate grades 4th-5th and middle/high school in science, social studies, language arts, and language develeopment in content areas.

       Click here to register.

Project GLAD® Leadership Training for schools and districts (Virtual or In-person)

The purpose of this workshop is to support educational agencies in understanding the GLAD® model, its implementation and sustainability.  Great for instructional councils and leadership teams!

Project GLAD® Customized Trainings (Virtual or In-person)

DLeNM Project GLAD® trainers work with your district or school to determine PD focus areas to meet the needs of your teachers. Sessions are open to teachers who have already been trained as well as those who are new to the GLAD® model.  Please contact us at the email listed below for pricing information and to schedule a training for your school or district.

For more information or to set up a meeting to discuss the possibilities for your school or district, contact us at gladinfo@dlenm.org  or visit dlenm.org.