Project GLAD® Special Offerings

Preschool GLAD® Offerings

Customized Early Childhood GLAD Offerings (virtual)
Our trainer team will customize virtual sessions based on the needs of your teachers. This includes targeting specific strategies that will support your students in virtual or in-person instruction. Contact Lisa Meyer at to find out more information.

Topic Ideas: Using Chants to Build Oral Language

Building Vocabulary through Preschool GLAD

Tips for delivering virtual instruction to early learners

Cost: 90-minute virtual session for 3-15 participants = $950

90-minute virtual session for 16-50 participants = $1,650.00

Contact Lisa Meyer at to find out more information.

Five-day Preschool GLAD® Training (in-person, currently on hold until districts are able to support in-person training—currently scheduling for fall 2021)

This training includes one day of theory, research, and strategies to prepare teachers for the four-day classroom demonstration. Teachers see the strategies in action with students, plan their own upcoming unit, and deepen their understanding of language development and the needs of language learners. The classroom demonstration can be offered in English or Spanish.

Early childhood teachers have loved this training! They repeatedly tell us that the strategies are practical and engaging for students, and they see strong gains in vocabulary and language development. Preschool GLAD® is not a curriculum. It works with current pacing and unit guides already in place in the district or can support teachers in developing their own.

Cost: $850 per participant

Contact Lisa Meyer at to find out more information.