La Siembra™ & El Enriquecer™ Program Planning Retreats

(Combined Retreat possible for districts with existing and new programs)

La Siembra™, planting the seeds for effective dual language implementation, is a retreat designed to guide the facilitation of effective planning, preparation, and design of new/beginning dual language programs.
El Enriquecer™, nurturing the continued growth of quality dual language programs, is a retreat designed to give school leadership teams an opportunity to strengthen and/or expand their existing/veteran dual language program.

Facilitators guide leadership teams through the process of action planning to strengthen and improve specific areas of program implementation based on the Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education.

The goal is for school teams to leave El Enriquecer™ with a clear idea of where their program is with respect to best practices and the next steps they need to take in fostering continuous improvement and sustainability of their program. Participants will have the opportunity to study a number of concrete examples and tools for immediate use at the school site.

Retreats consist of:

Two days of intensive training and planning with school/district leadership teams;
A focus on creating program sustainability through capacity building with school community leadership;
Identification and strengthening of essential components that ensure fidelity to implementation, and effective instruction;
Discussion/action planning with the Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education; and
Training and facilitation by experienced dual language administrators/teachers.

Day One of Self-Evaluation and Planning Retreat to include:

Clarification of the program model and expectations set by district/school leadership
In depth exploration of Dual Language Education program components: definition, non-negotiables, support systems, etc.
Development/refinement of a dual language program mission statement at each school site
Self-evaluation and development of a Curriculum Articulation Plan, with site action plans to ensure the strengthening and fidelity of implementation

Day Two of Self-Evaluation and Planning Retreat to include:

Overview and discussion of metalinguistic skill development and sheltering for language learners
Specific focus on biliteracy development within the selected program model
Self-evaluation of Instructional Essentials for the dual language program.
Action planning to ensure the effectiveness of dual language instructional strategies (sheltering/scaffolding), with a focus on peer interactions and teaching for transfer
Communication/ marketing/advocacy plan to help communicate the purpose and benefits of dual language as well as district and site improvements in model design and implementation

– School leadership participants consist of 6-10 members who are charged with directly supporting the dual language program, including: school administration, support specialists, and lead teachers. Community/parent leaders may also be considered.
– District leadership personnel supporting the dual language program are encouraged to attend, as this helps with building sustainability (no additional cost).

Scheduling a Retreat

Based on the needs of your community, we can tailor our facilitation to address specific areas of concerns or provide extra information, examples, or support.  We strive to ensure that the work you put in today has a lasting effect on the sustainability and success of your program.  Planning retreats are typically scheduled at least three months in advance.  If you would like more information or want to schedule a retreat for your school/district, please contact:

José Azul Cortés

Director of Heritage Languages