What is AIM4S³™

Achievement Inspired Mathematics for Scaffolding Student Success provides a framework of instructional components that shelters mathematics content to make it comprehensible and accessible to all students, with a focus on English learners (ELs) and students who struggle with math. AIM4S³™ is a powerful framework that supports teachers in planning and implementing state standards while providing high-quality, evidence-informed instruction. It can be utilized with any mathematics program and targets teachers in kindergarten through middle school.

Level 1 6-Day Training
Level 1 School/District Follow-Up
Level 2 and 3 Capacity Building: Developing Trainers
The Level I training provides the foundation for teaching using the AIM4S3™ Framework. It is a unique learning experience including live classroom demonstrations, lesson planning, and implementation.  Site-based follow-up trainings are differentiated professional development designed to meet the needs of the individual teacher, school, and district implementing AIM4S³™.  This is offered to committed AIM4S3™  educators who want to pursue becoming trainers of the framework. There is an application process and apprentices work in a team of 2-4 for twelve months to become certified. 
  • Offered in-person and virtually
  • Delivered in three 2-day sessions or over multiple weeks in a synchronous/asynchronous format
  • Offered in-person or virtually 
  • DLeNM’s observational protocol, VISITAS, is often utilized to support peer observations and teachers identifying instructional next steps to support deeper student learning.
  • Complete the Level 2 and 3 apprentice process to prepare for delivering a Level I training and providing on-going support 

Lisa Meyer

Director of Instructional Equity