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Professional Development

DLeNM offers a variety of high quality program and professional development opportunities. It is part of DLeNM's mission, through these opportunities, to build instructional leadership capacity and support individual programs in the development of the on-site expertise needed to fully ensure program implementation success. With this end in mind, DLeNM is always looking to collaborate with individual schools and/or school districts to plan school and/or district hosted events. These events would be planned in addition to a regular calendar of events that DLeNM maintains. For questions regarding DLeNM's professional development fees, please contact our office at 505 243-0648

Program Retreats

La Siembra

El Enriquecer

Professional Development for Instruction

Achievement Inspired Mathematics for Scaffolding Student Success (AIM4S3)

Project GLAD® Workshops and Trainings

AIL Policy Research and Teacher Training Center


Conference Presentations by DLeNM Staff

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La Siembra (New Program Planning Retreat) Print E-mail

La Siembra is a retreat designed to facilitate planning, preparation, and design of new dual language programs.

The retreat consists of two days of intensive training and planning for key stakeholder groups from schools that are planning to start a dual language program in the next two years. The work of the groups is organized around the Dual Language Program Planner: A Guide for Designing and Implementing Dual Language Programs. The ultimate goal is for each school team to leave with a clear idea of what is needed to provide a high quality dual language program at their school.

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El Enriquecer (Program Self Evaluation Retreat) Print E-mail

El Enriquecer is a retreat for existing programs to self-evaluate,identify areas of improvement, and develop action plans to strengthen and improve program implementation. The retreat consists of two days of intensive training and planning for school teams based on using the Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education, available at: http://www.cal.org/twi/guidingprinciples.htm,as a program self-assessment tool.

The goal is for school teams to not only leave El Enriquecer with a clear idea of where their program is with respect to best practices and the next steps they need to take to improve program quality, but also to have myriad concrete examples and tools for immediate use back at the school site.

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Achievement Inspired Mathematics for Scaffolding Student Success Print E-mail

Achievement Inspired Mathematics for Scaffolding Student Success (AIM4S3) provides a framework of instructional components that shelters mathematics content to make it comprehensible and accessible to all students, with a specific focus on English learners (ELs) and academic language learners (ALLs). AIM4S3 supports teachers in planning and implementing the Common Core State Standards. It can be utilized with any mathematics program and is applicable in kindergarten through high school, as well as post-secondary school. This model provides the strategies to allow students to own the language of mathematics, to access the knowledge, and to be fluent in demonstrating their understanding. It also deepens teachers’ mathematical understanding and curricular knowledge.


The three-day AIM4S3 training and workshop includes a model overview of the Key Instructional Principles and Components as well as supporting data, classroom demonstrations, and collaborative planning time. Follow-up training is tailored to the needs of the school and the individual teachers. 



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AIM4S3 is supported by Lockheed Martin - Sandia National Laboratories

Project GLADĀ® Workshops and Training Print E-mail

Project GLAD® provides training in dynamic, adaptable, and practical strategies for teaching second language learners in a dual language or English immersion setting. These strategies focus on making instruction comprehensible, developing oral fluency and vocabulary, and allowing every child to feel comfortable, included, and excited about class participation.

AIL Policy Research and Teacher Training Center Print E-mail

The American Indian Language Policy Research and Teacher Training Center aims to serve as a local and national center of collaborative research that examines major policy issues affecting the survival and maintenance of American Indian language. The Center will also provide a venue for building an international dialogue about language issues that extend to other Indigenous languages of the Americas. Developing and providing Native language teacher training programs and technical assistance support for American Indian tribes engaged in language maintenance and preservation initiatives will be another key aspect of the Center's outreach and service. For more information download a PDF document.