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Soleado Fall 2014 Print E-mail

Here’s the latest issue of DLeNM’s quarterly newsletter,

Soleado—Promising Practices from the Field.

icon Soleado Fall 2014

Scoop It! Print E-mail

Dual language education and the instruction of emerging bilingual students are matters receiving unprecedented attention from the press and media both in the United States and internationally.  To help you keep up with all the publicity, DLeNM has created five “Scoop It” topics which contain links to news stories and broadcast covering:

·         Benefits of Bilingualism
·         Dual Language Education Challenges and Opportunities
·         Dual Language Education in the United States
·         Language Education Outside the U.S.
·         Language Education: Major Papers and Reports

While these categories of information are necessarily arbitrary and subjective, the information provided through “Scoop It” helps DLeNM members follow what the public is reading and hearing about their work and their students.  

DLeNM Scoop It! is curated by James Lyons, Esq.—policy attorney, analyst, advocate, and activist.  

DLeNM Employment Opportunities Print E-mail

Dual Language Education of New Mexico is wanting to hire experienced professionals committed to the design and implementation of effective dual language education programs.  Please visit our career page to find more information on two job postings:

  1. Professional Development Coordinator (Focus: Secondary, Spanish Literacy Development, Sheltering Instruction)
  2. Professional Development Coordinator (Focus: Sheltering/Scaffolding Instruction - Required:  Level III or IV GLAD Key Trainer Certificate)

For more information, contact our Executive Director David Rogers, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

DLeNM Project GLADĀ® Leadership Ensemble Print E-mail
DLeNM Project GLAD Leadership Ensemble
February 12, 2015
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Instructional leadership is crucial in the effective implementation of Project GLAD® at the school or district level.  Come and join us for this one-day training for Instructional Leaders of teachers who are using or will be trained in Project GLAD®.


Purpose: The Leadership Ensemble is a one-day training for districts or schools which:
  • are currently implementing Project GLAD® and want to help instructional leaders better support their teachers and plan for sustained implementation, or
  • are interested in bringing Project GLAD® into their organization on a systemic level.
During this training, teams of instructional leaders will:
  • develop clear understanding about the instructional needs of English learners;
  • learn the foundational components of the Project GLAD® model;
  • explore how the Project GLAD® model can support academic excellence within their specific educational community; and
  • plan for sustained implementation and excellence.

Cost: $1,000 for a team of 3-6 district/school Instructional Leaders.  Teams must consist of at least 3 people unless special arrangements are made.  Information regarding location and times will be sent to participants upon registration.


We Value Your Feedback! Print E-mail

Help us to help you!

We continually strive to provide relevant resources that support your work and your passion as an educator. Please take a minute to complete a survey on DLeNM's Clearinghouse so we can better meet your needs.   Click on the survey icon to begin.  Thank you for your time.