Bilingual Educator's Institute 2017

Pathways to Contextualized Instruction and Learning


January 21, 2017

Evelyn Chávez and Ruth Kriteman

CARLA Presentation Oct 2016

David Rogers  Executive Director, DLeNM

Friday, October 21, 2016


CARLA Conference – Minneapolis, MN

A Treasure Trove of FUENTE365 Resources

Did you know that every APS educator has exclusive access to instruction supports for your English Language Learnes, bilingual and dual language students 24/7? How? As a district subscriber to FUENTE365, all APS teacher, administrators and resource personel can connet for DLeNM's online professional development platform of instructional videos, professional articles, and other resources with a focus on supporting your developing bilingual, dual language and English learning students.


ACE 2106 Powerpoint

ATDLE 2016 National Two Way Conference

Building Collaboration and Collegiality Across Languages and Language Departments

Presented by: 

Lisa Harmon- Martínez, Albuquerque High School

Mishelle Jurado - Atrisco Heritage Academy

David Rogers - Dual Language Education of New Mexico


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Collaboration and Collegiality Presentation

DL Course Offerings - English

DL Course Offerings - Spanish

State of New Mexico Seal of Excellence Bilingual and Biliteracy Seal



CABE 2016 — Dual Language Essentials: Creating and Sustaining a High-Quality Program

The original design and implementation of your dual language education program is often exciting, but once the honeymoon is over, the business of maintaining a quality program depends on leadership, reflection, and continuous improvement of the program's alignment and classroom instruction. Below are links to the information shared during CABE 2016. 

Presented by: 

David Rogers - Executive Director

Loretta Booker - DLeNM Co-Chair


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Dual Language Essentials Presentation

One-Way CAP Sample                               Two-Way CAP Sample                           Fall 2014 Soleado


 DL 1st Grade Standards-Based Instruction              First Grade - Adobe Acres Spanish                  Valle Vista 
 DL Brochure English             First Grade - Adobe Acres English         Family Executive Report