Program Retreats

Let DLeNM Facilitate Your Next Program Retreat!

Planting the Seeds of Strong New Dual Language Programs

  • Two days of intensive training and planning for key stakeholder groups from schools that are planning to start a dual language program in the next two years.
  • Retreat organized around the Dual Language Program Planner:  A Guide for Designing and Implementing Dual Language Programs, available at
  • Training and facilitation by veteran dual language teachers.

Ultimate goal for each team is to leave the institute with a clear idea of what is needed to provide a high quality dual language program, and the beginnings of a team-developed action plan.

Lead Facilitators Include:  David Rogers, Lisa Meyer-Jacks, Diana Pinkston, Ruth Kriteman and/or other veteran Dual Language Educators

Although most people think of program development as the necessary first step to choosing and designing a program model that will be implemented, program development must also mean the constant care of and reflection on best practice implementation and continuous improvement. Turnover in teaching staff or administration, as well as changes in school district policy, educational mandates, etc., all challenge a program's health and implementation. These challenges and potential distractions require a committed response to reflection and continuous improvement. An annual self-evaluation of the program's implementation is highly recommended and should be completed by representatives of all stakeholders of the school community.

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