Leadership Support

New Mexico Bright Spots Initiative (W.K.Kellogg Grant)

The Bright Spots Initiative focuses on building instructional leadership capacity within six school communities in New Mexico. These schools are serving  linguistic and cultural minority student populations.

The ultimate objective of this 3-year project is to develop dual language program bright spots across New Mexico that demonstrate the power of multilingual, multicultural enrichment education, which builds on New Mexico’s cultural and linguistic capital, narrows the achievement gap between language minority and native English speaking students, and develops a global citizenry prepared to collaborate and compete in the local and/or international communities.

VISITAS is the primary instructional protocol used to develop instructional leadership capacity in BSI Schools. VISITAS stands for, Viewing Interactive Sheltered Instruction, Teachers, and Students. VISITAS has been developed by DLeNM Leadership and Staff, and is used to develop the instructional leader’s ability to identify effective instructional practice and replicate and support that practice in classrooms throughout the school site.


DLeNM Program Planning Retreats

Both La Siembra (New Program Planning) and El Enriquecer (Program Self-Evaluation Planning) focus on developing school community leadership, while school leaders develop continuous improvement plans to support what has been working, and to correct and strengthen that which is needed to ensure fidelity of program implementation, and effective instruction in the dual language classroom.


DLeNM Staff and Board Leadership—Leading through our experience

More than 40% of DLeNM Board and Program Staff are certified educational administrators with valuable experience and best practice to share through planning leadership development.Each year DLeNM Staff and Board present their best practice and leadership experience at over 30 regional educational conferences and institutes each year, including:  WIDA, ALAS, NCTE, CABE-CA, CABE-CO, ATDLE, BEEMS, NMABE, LLAME, MABE, and SAAABE.


Guiding Principles of Dual Language Education


The Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education was developed as a tool to help dual language programs (two-way immersion, Guiding Principles Adheritage language, foreign language immersion, or developmental bilingual programs) with planning and ongoing implementation. Grounded in evidence from research and best practices, the guiding principles address program issues in seven strands: Assessment and Accountability, Curriculum, Instruction, Staff Quality and Professional Development, Program Structure, Family and Community, and Support and Resources.

The guiding principles were based on the Framework of Best Practices for New Mexico Dual Language Programs developed by Dual Language Education of New Mexico and were adapted by a national panel of dual language experts and reviewers.

This publication is available for electronic download in cooperation with the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL). You may purchase a print version of this publication at the CAL Store www.cal.org.